SqlGuiPro – The frontend for your database!
Speed matters! Typing complex SQL-queries in a shell can be very time-expensive. Save your precious time by organizing your databases with a simple but powerfull frontend.

SqlGuiPro offers a lot of features known from SqlGui and even more.

  • Supported databases:
    At the moment MySQL is supported only. Other database-engines like PostgreSQL, DB2 or Oracle will be supported in the future.
  • Connections:
    Multiple connections to different or the same hosts are possible.
  • Reports:
    Define your SQL-statements and save them as a report. Save as much reports as you like.
  • Export:
    Currently the following export-formats are supported:
    • CSV: comma separated values, or use any other printable character as separator.
    • TAB: same as csv, but uses the tab-character as the separator.
    • HTML: create nice html-pages containing your data.
    • XML: put your export in a generic xml-document.
    • SQL: create complete insert statments for your datasets. This way you are able to exchange your data with other SQL-engines easily.
  • Create-Table-Wizard:
    Quickly create table-definitions including merge-, union- and select-statements. Easily add indexes as you like.
  • ALTER-Frontend:
    Redefine your column-specification or simply rename your columns.
  • INDEX-Frontend:
    Select the columns to be indexed and just create the needed keys. Drop any index with just one click.
  • Add new or edit existing data:
    No matter if you have to type large text with newline-characters, SqlGuiPro automatically detects TEXT-fields and displays a multiline-textarea instead of a singleline-inputfield.
  • SQL-Editor and history:
    Simply type your SQL-statements into the editor and hit the execute-buttom. SqlGuiPro sends the query to the database-server directly. If you specify a SELECT-query, SqlGuiPro will fetch the resultset and display it in the main-window.
  • Check-, Optimize- and Repair-Statements:
    Check, optimize or repair your database with a single click.
  • Create/Drop databases or tables:
    Create and delete your databases or tables.

Current version:1.0rc4 (not released to the public)
Supported OS:Linux on intel-x86-platforms
Distributions:Works on Debian, but shold run on any other dristribution too.
Requirements:13 MB free disk-space, glibc 2.2 or better